/opt/dbtutools tree

The /opt/dbtutools tree (per default C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\ under Windows) is the elementary basis for the entire DbtuTools framework. It is the central location for all binaries, batch-, configuration-, log files etc. (containing one subtree per DB2 instance name).

 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\

 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\bin\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\cfg\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\doc\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\log\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst1\tools\temp\

 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\bin\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\cfg\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\doc\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\log\
 <DIR> C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\db2inst2\tools\temp\

Sample output of a fictitious dir (in a scenario with two DB2 instances - named db2inst1 and db2inst2)

The C:\Program Files\DbtuTools\ directory acts as a root node housing the following files and subtrees:

Each subtree is based on the same hierarchic structure:

Directory Content
...\INSTANCE\tools\bin\ This directory contains all binaries (binaries, batch files and JAR files).
...\INSTANCE\tools\cfg\ This directory contains all configuration files.
...\INSTANCE\tools\doc\ This directory contains the DbtuTools framework documentation.
...\INSTANCE\tools\log\ This directory contains all logfiles.
...\INSTANCE\tools\temp\ This directory contains all temporary files.